Vision looks Inward and becomes a Duty.

Vision looks Outward and becomes an Aspiration.

Vision looks Upward and becomes Faith.

These words of Stephens S, wise echoes the sentiments and commitment of Canara Institution which over the years has become the showcase of talent and skill.

The world today, unlike the past, is ever changing, distance is dying and barriers are becoming thin and nonexistent. Even in the field of education there exists global competition. In such a scenario the Management and Staff of our institution have tried to develop balanced personalities of the students who are culturally refined, emotionally stable, ethically oriented, intellectually alert, socially responsible, spiritually upright and physically strong.

We pray to the Almighty to give us the strength to enrich the path laid down by our noble Founder in serving the student community at large.

Sri. Gopalakrishna Shetty K M